Thursday, October 27, 2016

New York City Historical Sites

New York City is rich in tradition and history. It would be a shame to visit New York City and not take some time to enjoy some of the historical sites is offers. Here are a couple of the points of history you may want to visit.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

While walking in midtown Manhattan on the eastside of Fifth Avenue, between 50th and 51st Streets, you can’t help but noticed the towering neo-gothic style Catholic Cathedral, which is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Located right in front of the famous Rockefeller Center, this is the largest gothic-style Catholic cathedral in the United States.

The spires of the cathedral rise 330 feet from the street level. The cathedral is made of white marble inside and out. Walk in the church through this great bronze door adorned with religious figures. Once inside, you’ll notice the 26-foot rose-stained windows. And below them is the great organ with over 7,000 pipes. The baldachin rising over the altar is made entirely of bronze.

Whether you’re a religious person or not, this is a great place to visit at least once. The church is open daily from 7am – 8:30pm.

Apollo Theater
The Apollo Theater is a historic landmark in the heart of Harlem—Manhattan—where some of the greatest and most talented influential performers launched their careers, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonders, Lauryn Hill and many others. The Apollo billing reads, “where stars are born and legends are made.”

It is home to the syndicated television show “ShowTime at the Apollo” and it’s the top attraction in Harlem. The Apollo Theater is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Apollo’s Amateur Night shows, which were introduced in 1934, still continue today and hopeful performers wishing that this would be the start of their career in entertainment try their best to please the crowd.

Green-Wood Cemetery

As you enter through the stunning gothic style landmark gates at 5th Avenue and 25th Street, you’re entering a different world—a beginning of what lies beneath. The Green-Wood Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world—remarkable landscaping, a park like setting with beautiful trees and several ponds, sculptures, an on-site church and buildings—that to this day still attracts visitors.

It was a famous tourist attraction in the 1850’s, and many of the over 600,000 graves are of famous New Yorkers, political figures, Civil War Generals, actors and wealthy businessmen, such as Hewitt Clinton, Charles Ebbets, Henry Steinway, Leonard Bernstein, Townsend Harris among others.

During the Civil War, the Green-Wood Cemetery created the “Soldier’s Lot,” for free veterans burial.

The Green-Wood Cemetery was granted National Historic Landmark in 2006.It is still an operating cemetery.

So Much to Soak Up

New York City has so much history that it’s impossible to put all the great locations in one article. The few mentioned are a great start. Hopefully, you’ll take a little time when visiting New York City to enjoy some of the history.

The Hamptons
Located on the North and South Fork of Long Island the area known as the Hamptons is one of the most popular vacation spots in New York. The Hamptons has a deep rich history that goes back to the 1600s. Like many other New England colonies it was originally farmland, over the years it port of trade, Revolutionary War staging point, refuge for artists and poets, and favorite vacation spot. There are even legends the infamous pirate Captain Kidd visited its shores and left buried treasure still waiting to be found.